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I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your electronics repair needs. I’ll be adding more products if I found good information in the marketplace.  I suggest that you bookmark it for your reference and convenience. Happy Repairing!

Electronics Repair For Beginners





Power Supply Repair





LCD TV Repair




  • LCD TV Repair Secrets By Damon Marrow Damon is a professional electronics repairer and this ebook is not written for newbies. He expect buyers to have some electronics repair knowledge.
  • LCD TV SMPS by Damon Marrow– This guide is for intermediate and advanced electronics repairer or those who already started to repair LCD TVs.


led tv repair

led tv repair

Plasma TV Repair

  • Plasma TV Repair Guide By Damon Marrow– This ebook is suitable for the Intermediate and Advanced Electronics repairers or to those who already in the field of Plasma TV Repair.
  • Plasma TV Repair membership website By Kent Liew– If you have joined his website as a member, Kent will deliver latest Plasma TV schematic diagrams and related information without additional charge.

Projection TV Repair

LCD Monitor Repair

  • LCD Monitor Repair By Jestine Yong– This is one of my best seller. It requires you to have some electronics repair knowledge before you get this ebook. Recently I have added  an online test where you can get a Real Certificate to be shipped to you if you have passed the test. Click on the link to check out the online test program.
  • LCD Monitor Repair Case Histories Volume 1 By Jestine Yong– This is a compilation of 10 true repair case histories of LCD Monitors.  Highly recommended.





  • LCD Monitor Repair Case Histories Volume 3 By Jestine Yong– This ebook has few modifications such as converting CCFL backlights to LED backlights, install an external power supply board onto a burnt power supply board, install an external inverter board onto a burnt/bad inverter board and etc. This ebook is highly recommended.

Laptop Repair


CRT TV Repair

PS3 Repair

DVD Player Repair

Automobile Electronics Repair

Others Electronics Repair Ebooks:




 Test Equipment

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