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12 EMS Quote Pricing Drivers That You Need To Know About

By on July 11, 2016
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Electronic OEMs mostly outsource their printed circuit board assemblies to EMS providers. This helps them reduce their operating costs, and focus on their core business. If you are an OEM, there are chances that you are following the same pattern. As with any other service agreement, you will receive a detailed quote before coordinating with the EMS provider. This post discusses important quote pricing drivers that you need to know about.

12 Important Features of EMS Quotes for Electro-mechanical Assembly Services

The following are some standard features of EMS quotes for electro-mechanical assembly services.

  1. SMT Assembly: The price is calculated on the basis of various factors such as solder stencil making, reflow soldering, SMT programming, cleanup of solder flux, type of inspection methods, etc.

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  1. Top and Bottom Stencil: This describes the cost of the top and bottom stencil used for the particular assembly.
  2. Wave Fixture: This defines the estimated costs for wave soldering. Wave solder pellets are used to mask SMT components, and they protect heat sensitive PCB areas during the wave soldering process.
  3. Warranty and Technical Support: This price is calculated on the basis of warranty liability and technical support for a particular period.

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  1. MPI: This price describes the Manufacturing Process Instruction (MPI) development costs.
  2. Set Up Costs: This price is standard across all projects. However, it depends on various factors, such as electricity, repairs, and maintenance, etc.
  3. BOM Lines: This rate is calculated on the basis of a total number of unique manufacturer numbers in a BOM.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, providers may mention some value adding components such as:

  1. Kit Charges: This price describes assembly kit charges.
  2. Board Quantity: The price is calculated by multiplying the price of a single PCB unit by the total number of PCB units required.
  3. PCB Assembly Rate: This price defines assembly hourly rate + time taken for assembly + hourly labor charges.
  4. System Assembly Rate: As the name suggests, it defines the rates of final assembly.
  5. Final Systems Test: This rate is calculated on the basis of all tests that needs to be conducted to ensure the quality of the final product.

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Before providing the quote, a PCB assembly service provider may ask for detailed BOMs from the OEM, and a set of Gerber files for the PCBs. The BOM defines the approved vendor components, and part numbers for the same. This information will help the service provider determine the packaging, pricing, and availability of each component.

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The BOM information also helps the service provider determine the labor and equipment required to position parts and solder components. If you have decided to source your PCB assembly from an EMS provider, you can visit their Request for Quote section to understand their pricing structure.

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