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1950’s Eico Flyback and Coil Tester

By on June 16, 2008

eico flyback tester

I still could recall many years back trying to locate the supplier for this Eico Flyback and Coil Tester but could not find any. This is an antique test equipment and i guess the only way to get one is through ebay. What we have is the dick smith flyback tester and the result of the test is to look at the numbers of the LED bar. But this antique flyback tester is using a panel just like the Sencore YF33 yoke ringer tester and i always like to see how the result would be if use to test on other type of windings like the motor, ballast and etc. If you have one and would like to share your experience about the Eico Flyback tester you may post it by clicking on the comments link below-thanks!


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