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  • repair course
    Completed Another Advanced Electronics Repair Course

                    Completed another Advanced Electronics Repair course for 4 participants. Three of them were from the local and another one was from Cambodia. You can visit this link to learn...

    • Posted March 31, 2016
    • 2
  • remote control repair
    Simple Remote Control Repair

                    A customer sent to me his remote control for repair and inside does not have batteries. So I had to use my own batteries to test it. Once the...

    • Posted March 26, 2016
    • 13
  • mouse repair
    LOGITECH Mouse Repaired

                      This Mouse LOGITECH Model Number: M-SBF96 was given to me with two complaints: The cursor was not moving fine in the Display. The right click was not working....

    • Posted March 26, 2016
    • 16
  • kursus elektronika
    Completed Another Basic Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair Course

                    Just completed today another basic electronics troubleshooting and repairing course for 9 participants. Below are the photos taken during the 3 days course:   Likes(9)Dislikes(0)

    • Posted March 25, 2016
    • 4
  • welding machine repair
    IGBT Shorted In Tecnica 164 Welding Machine

                      A few days ago, I got a Tecnica 164 welding machine for service. The customer told me the machine die after several hours of using it. It simply...

    • Posted March 22, 2016
    • 14
  • 4 tubes fluorescent lamp repair
    4 tube Fluorescent desktop lamp with electronic ballast repair

                  Lamp refused to start, no flicker. Opened it and found electronic ballast with the following markings: Landlite Electronic Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp EBCF-127-120V-LPF 120/60Hz 0.38A PL 27W Lamp Output Voltage:...

    • Posted March 22, 2016
    • 16
  • differential probe
    How To Measure Current With Your Scope

                    1. Your scope as a voltmeter Your oscilloscope is a voltmeter but also a special type of voltmeter. It is a voltmeter that not only allows you to measure...

    • Posted March 17, 2016
    • 29
  • flyback transformer
    Loud Sparking Sound In CRT TV Solved

                      The complaint of this Sharp CRT TV was very loud sparking sound inside the TV. For your information, loud sparking sound usually is due to leakage in the...

    • Posted March 17, 2016
    • 13