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A Question For You About LCD Monitors

By on February 10, 2008

lcd monitors

There was an email i received asking which type of LCD Monitors more reliable- the built in power supply or LCD Monitors that have external power supply? The failure rate according to him was that the built in power supply were higher compare to the external power supply and the external power supply cable were easily broken. The advantage of the external power supply is that it is easily replaceable. So which LCD Monitors do you prefer to buy?



  1. Amir Mukhtar

    February 2, 2011 at 2:43 am

    Thanks you Sir (Mr. Jestine Yong) to allow share views.
    first of all need to be knew about the power fluctuation rate, Temperature and Surges in location where use LCD.
    Furthermore, to my way of thinking, External power supply having many benefits and dis-advantages with respect to internal supply.
    which mentioned below respectively:

    Internal Supply:
    1. Tension free user Installation.
    2. Easy to Handle.
    3. No need to know input output ratings.
    4. Safe and built inn facility.
    5. Fault rating depends on power Fluctuations, Surge and Room
    Temperature or Ambient Temperature.
    6. Factory Installed fitting with respect to Load require.

    External Supply:
    1. Easy Replaceable when fault occur in Supply.
    2. Need to be knew input output ratings when install or replace.
    3. knowledge require about ratings to replace / install supply.
    4. perfect match require in order to use in LCD before operate.
    5. extra space require on table to place.
    6. Wires Cost increase with respect to installation location.
    7. Safety measures need to be followed before fixation.
    8. Extra power outlet require for external adapter.
    9. proper wire handling require on table as well as placing.
    10. Proper DC jack pin and AC cable interfacing require.
    11. Fragile use require. etc

    All in all, Both supplies provides solutions in order to perform operations. But, Some Locations need to be handled situations from external power adapter, if Fluctuation and Temperature present.
    On the other hand, i recommend built inn power facility because off, its compatibility, safe and easy to use.
    Thanks you

  2. admin

    February 2, 2011 at 9:31 am

    HI Amir,

    Thanks for sharing!



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