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About Bulged Electrolytic Capacitors

By on October 5, 2007

 bulged capacitor

Whenever you see a bulged electrolytic capacitors on any kind of electronic boards, don’t waste your time to measure or check it. Simply remove the capacitors and replace with a new one. Some of these bulged capacitors may test good with your meter (even with ESR meter) and failed when voltage or signal applied to them. The reason it tested “good” was that sometimes it haven’t reach to a critical level that can be detect by the ESR meter. I said some but not all so you have to be alert whenever you come across any bulged electrolytic capacitors.

You may solder it out to test or “play” around with your test meter to gain some knowledge about bulged capacitors. Normally before i start to repair any electronic equipment, first i must be sensitive to “look” around for any bulged capacitors, dry joints, burnt marked and even decayed glue.  If you missed all the surfaced problem, you might end up taking longer time to repair or troubleshoot the electronic equipment.


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