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About Conserving Our Natural Resources

By on May 16, 2010

conserving earth

Nowadays there are lots of environmental organizations that talks about conserving our earthy natural resources and etc. Somehow there is nothing done especially in the electronics repair industries. Look at the model and the equipment that phase out so fast and there is not a single chance that you can get the spare parts to repair the dead set. If you call those big companies (the companies that sell their equipments) whether they are selling parts or not, they would usually say that “Oh the model is no longer in the market thus we are not keeping stock on that”. Can you imagine that the equipment only few years in the market and no spare parts for it. And to some, they don’t even bother to sell you the parts. Many times, you can’t seem to find the original transistor part number for replacement even after you have spent countless hours in internet to look for it. We had no choice other than to use replacement or substitution part numbers. Even some equipment already years in the market and one still can’t locate the original parts!

During the 80’s where the VCR was still a hit in the market, you can easily get the parts (from A to Z) and the schematic diagram was easily available from the market.  The chances of buying a new VCR was very slim because almost all the problems in VCR can be solved. There was no worry about spare parts problem. Even during that time, when you purchase a new Television, the box came together with the TV schematic diagram!

If there is no parts for replacement , this will Force the customers to buy new equipment and this will surely benefits the manufacturers. One thing good about repairing Printers (referring to Hp brand), there are tons of spare parts and my partner have no problem in finding gears and boards for replacement. However he had a hard time in finding parts for other type of brand of printers. If the manufacturers are helpful enough to release parts and schematic diagrams to the market, i believe this will help to conserve the natural resources (energy and etc) but then again will this benefit the manufacturers or not? Hope to hear some comment from you.



  1. beh

    May 16, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    I completely agree with you manufacturers just thinking about their benefits and more sale
    Of new equipments .They do not sale the parts no diagrams. In my country repair of any brand is just
    Belong to a certain co. and they do not sale any parts to you brand s like LG /SAMSUNG/…about 15 other ones if you have any problem with your set You have to deliver your set to this center . And they just accept equipments at most With 2 years old otherwise they say this is out of range no part no repair
    They say go and buy a new one Of course they charge you as much as they can for example for 1 changing one electrolitique
    Cap they charge customer 50 usd!
    If you search for smd parts you will have more problem you won’t find them most the parts
    Does not have any part number? No standard way for coding the smd parts …so and so

  2. Eric

    May 16, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Definitely the manufacturer will benefit from selling spares and more customers will be going for that brand as they will be sure that their euipments will be maintanable once it fails,thus the manufacturer will sell more.

  3. admin

    May 17, 2010 at 3:47 am

    Thanks Eric for your comment. And to Beh, yes i agree with you that it is even harder to locate the SMD parts.



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