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About Electronic Repair Friends

By on August 31, 2007

electronic repair 

Remember about the blog post few days ago concerning the LCD Monitor IC that use in the buck royer circuit of the HP F1703 LCD Monitor? A repair friend of mine emailed the link about the details of this IC. Although it is not the exact same part number, the pin out diagrams and the specification could give you some ideas about what IC is this and how you can measure it with your test equipment. For your information, in LCD Monitor there were lots of designed that are using this type of IC.

Downlaod this information and file it and who knows one day you can use it as a guide to repair especially the LCD Monitor inverter circuit. This shows that it is good to have a electronic repair friend. Don’t be a loner especially in this electronic repair field and start making friends today either through physical contacts with your local electronic repair shop or even through the internet.


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