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About Error Codes

By on April 5, 2010

error code list

Once in a while i do receive emails from fellow ERG members to ask about the meaning of certain error codes in electronic equipment. The error codes can comes from the digital terrestrial receiver, fax, printer, audio equipment and other electronic equipment. The error codes can be in LED flashing or numerical format. If i know the error codes meaning i will definitely tell them. The good thing about error codes is that with the help of some reference (list of error codes explanation) that relates to the equipment you are repairing, it can easily tells you where and what the problem is. Let’s take Hp laserjet printer as an example, whenever the heating assembly have problem the printer’s LED will show some blinking signal indicating there is a fault that you need to check but usually will be the heating element problem.

The question is at where we can find those meaning of the error codes? The answer is in the repair forum. If you repair audio equipment then visit the audio equipment repair forum and post in the question. There may be some helpful guy that most probably can give you the answer.


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