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By on May 30, 2009


If you found a fuse that have problem be it in the main line or in the secondary side for example the pico fuse in the inverter board-don’t just direct replace the fuse and turn on the equipment. Chances is high the fuse may break again. Yes fuses sometimes have it own life span or broken when hit by a small surge and by replacing only the fuse will usually solve the problem.

As for me i will always check along the fuse line for any shorted components especially the semiconductor before putting a new fuse and turn the set “On” again. At least this will prevent from wasting another good fuse just incase if there is still problem with the board. Always scan through all the semiconductor components like IC, DIODE and TRANSISTOR. Sometimes a shorted capacitor (e-cap and non polar cap) may also cause the fuse to burn but the percentage is smaller as compare to a shorted semiconductor.

So don’t be happy if you found the fuse open circuit and you have to still troubleshoot to find out the cause of fuse blown.  If everything checks to be okay then only you switch On the equipment.



  1. Waleed

    May 31, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    I always use the light bulb trick on tv sets and others and it works most of the time. the light bulb glows then dims and stay dim, then i know all is well. except on some tv sets. sometimes the light bulb start going on and off and I could hear a relay clicking. by experience, I found out that this is ok as well.
    I am not sure if the same trick works on the pica fuse in the lcd computer monitor.

  2. admin

    May 31, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    HI Waleed,

    I use that light bulb trick too but is not applicable to the pico fuse.



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