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About Magnifying Glass In Electronic Repairing

By on June 13, 2008

Remember the previous post where i told you that i have bought a 35X magnifying glass from Langkawi? Here is the photo of the magnifying glass on a LCD mainboard. Previously i use a  10X magnifying glass but this one really could see better and bigger especially those tiny SMD devices in electronic board. The price was a bit high but I’m satisfied with the performance. It had a built in white LED for easy viewing especially in the darker area.

magnifying glass

In electronic repair sometimes we need this kind of gadget to help us to easily identify problem in the board. You could use it to view the SMD part number, broken joints at the side of the smd components, hairline crack in the circuitry, shorted pins (legs) in the spider IC and many more.  If in the future if there is a magnifying glass that is more powerful than this current one, i would immediately buy it. If you haven’t got it why not invest one? Have a great day and a nice weekend rest!


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