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About My Electronic Repair Friend

By on April 11, 2008

Yesterday, one of my electronic repair friend dropped by my office and talked about electronic repair business. He is in the same field as me which is Monitor repair. He asked me whether he should employ staff or not. My answered to him was “Definitely” if he finds that if the repair business is beyond what he capable of running it. He got to do the repair work, go to bank, delivery & collection, buy spare parts, meeting clients and etc. He added, most of his time has been wasted by doing all the minor thing that didn’t bring profit to him or to the company. He told me, “See i came here and the equipment in my office are still lying there and there is no income for me unless i have to present in order to finish the job and get the money”

repair business

He said, if this situation prolong like this his company won’t be going to another level even given the company  another 5 to 10 years time. The repair items just coming in everyday and i really need someone to handle all this and he can do other things like seeing new clients and etc he added. He asked me whether i have any one to recommend him and i told him at the moment i do not have any but i said if i come across any good one i will inform him.

If you are running a repair business on your own and if the repair business is growing fast, i guess you too have to find someone that can take over some of your repair job. You just have to move into another level of running a business and who knows one day you could have many staff that work hard and earn money for you and at the same time you can enjoy the fun of repairing in your own nice repair bench!


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