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By on July 3, 2008

This morning i received an email about some support questions from my member and the member sent his photo together with his wife and his cute little daughter. I did not request the photo from him but i can tell you that I’m really glad to have his photo.Why? At least i know who am i replying to. Not only that, it can also easily build up good relationship even though he is from other country. I still could recall when i was young my elder brother use to send letters to his penpal friend in England. My brother was excited when he first received his penpal photo and the friendship lasted for many years.

I received and reply lots of email everyday and i don’t have the chance to see how they look like. That’s why when i saw this very photo, i was excited too-just like in my brother’s case! If you wish to send me your photo i will guarantee you that i will not simply send to other people. Even if you did not send your photo i will still continue to support all of the emails. By the way i will send out the July repair newsletter in  this coming Friday night or Saturday morning. Have a good and a blessed day my friend!


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