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By on June 30, 2008

Sometimes i wonder how many professional electronic repairers is reading my repair articles and blog post. At current moment i have over 6500 ERG members that had subscribed to receive my monthly repair newsletter. There are newbies and also professional electronic repairers in my list. How do i know that? Simple, by reading their emails that they sent to me. Newbies questions needs more on the explanation side but for professional electronic repairer their questions were more straight forward. I have emails that pointed out my mistake and i thanked them for rectifying my problem.

The reason i write this is because i hope they (professional electronic repairers) could contribute or share some of their expertise in their field. It does not have to be in TV or Monitor repair. As long as their profession are in electronics i would be grateful to publish their articles and even comments. You can email me if you have any electronic repair news or articles that you want to share with my ERG members and my blog readers-thanks!


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