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About The Quality Of A SMPS

By on October 28, 2010

How do you know if a switch mode power supply (SMPS)  quality is good or poor? Would you know just by looking from outside and did not open it to check? Or just by simply performing some testing on the voltage you can determine the quality of the SMPS? I came across lots of SMPS in the market and there are many of them were from poor quality. By just performing the voltage test i would not know if it is a good or low quality power supply. You need to open up the power supply and look inside the circuit board to find out the answer. The first thing that i usually see was the electrolytic capacitor brand. A good quality SMPS will usually use branded electrolytic capacitor and the appearance looks more solid than non branded cap.

Second was the circuit board. A good quality SMPS will have thicker and firm circuit board. The poor quality SMPS circuit board have softer and thin board (easily crack too). Third, overall a good quality SMPS weight are usually heavier than the poor quality one (comparing in terms of producing the same output). For your information, you can use this guide to check on other type of equipment to see the different in the quality . If you have some tips on how to determine the quality of SMPS you are welcome to comment-thanks.


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