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About Warranty Sticker

By on February 17, 2012

warranty sticker

Do you use warrant sticker on every equipment that you have repaired? My side here i gave 3 month warranty on every set that we have repaired.  We only cover the replacement and the set have different problem we will charge the customer. For the sticker usually after the repair i will write 3 month ahead so that if the customer send in again I will immediately know if it still under warranty or already over.

Besides I do  have the record of the repair and the date for easy reference just in case if the sticker already torn or missing. The sticker that i had was printed by a friend and each printing was 5000 pieces. If you do not wish to invest on those printed sticker you can just buy a normal sticker. Sometimes I do not charge for simple problem like dry joints for under warranty unit. In business we just have to give and take especially for loyal customers.


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