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Advanced Monitor Repair Course Video

By on July 27, 2007

 monitor repair

Completed the advanced monitor repair course for staff from MAT and Radicare. It was quite tiring to give course to 5 participants at the same time but i enjoyed it as i love teaching. More attention need to be given to them as they were now had learned the highest level in monitor repair. All my years of secret tips, tricks and gadgets were shared to them and i could see some of them can’t wait to go back to their workshop to try my methods out. Wishing them all the best!

Watch the video by clicking here

I would also like to let you know that  i won’t be broadcasting any repair newsletter for time being as my tight schedule had taken lots of my time especially preparing for the coming LCD Monitor repair course. The reason i explain again was due to i continued to received email asking me to send article to them. Don’t worry my friend, i will resume the weekly electronic repair articles once i completed the first batch of the LCD monitor repair course in this 2 weeks time.


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