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Afraid To Try Repair On Equipment That You Are Not Familiar With?

By on April 30, 2013

You are good in repairing your type of electronics equipment such as LCD TV, LCD Monitor, CRT Monitor/TV, Plasma TV and power supplies. Suddenly your customer brought in a dot matrix or laserjet printer and you are not familiar with the equipment. Would you try to repair it or reject his request? You actually have a choice. If you have extra time you can try to repairit. If you do not have the time and the customer wants it back fast then you have to honestly tell your customer that you do not have time to repair it. A new type of equipment that you are not familiar with will usually take up lots of your time. Here are the advantages and disadvantages|:


1) Once you are familiar with the new equipment it can add on your existing product line. This means you will have more equipment to repair and no need to rely on your existing range of equipment. This can also means more income for you or your company.

2) Improving your knowledge. This will definitely improve your knowledge in many different electronic circuits. Just imagine switching CRT TV repair to LCD TV repair. You will learn about LCD panel,T-con board, LVDS cable, inverter board, high voltage transformer,Flash Rom, LED, EEFL and CFL backlight and etc.


1) Will take up lots of your time in understanding the new circuits.

2) Not necessary you can successfully repair the equipment because you do not know the common fault, symptoms and etc

3) You may give up half way because there are just too many things need to be considered like getting and keeping the spare parts or even no spare parts. Less info on that type of equipment such as block and schematic diagrams. For your information it is very hard or super hard to find information related to automobiles electronics.

4) You may not getting more of the new equipment to repair eventhough you already expert. This means the equipment only comes in once in a blue moon. Thus it would not add much to your overall earning.

Conclusion- It is always depend on your decision whether you want to take up the new challenge in understanding and repairing the equipemnt you are not familiar with. If you have any question/suggestion ad etc please do leave your comment below-thanks.


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