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Already Hit 20,000 Visitors

By on November 20, 2008


Since i installed this statistic script into my blog two months ago to check the total number of visitors that had viewed my blog-till now it already hit over 20,000 total number of visitors. Most of the visitors came from United States followed by India and third was from my country Malaysia and so on. The statistic is located at the right hand side of this blog and you need to scroll down to see it.

The result was indeed very encouraging and many came to my website from Google search engine. Thanks for the support and hope the total number of visitors could hit even higher soon. All the best to you!

By the way, my office internet connection had problem and the technician haven’t rectified it. If you have sent me any emails, guess i got to reach home first before i could reply your email. Hope this problem would not last long and could be done as soon as possible.


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