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By on December 27, 2008

Thanks for all the support you have given me and may the visitors continue to grow. If you have any things to share (electronic repair tips ) to other blog readers you are always welcome to contribute.


By the way i got this testimony from an ERG member and wish to share to you:

Dear Sir, Jestine Yong,


I am wishing you best compliments of the season as the year draws near to its close.  I feel privileged and glad that I am a member in your mentoring circle.  I got contact with you when your site was just about six months old and only with few starting members.  Though in a far country, you have been very close to me.  I am glad about our site when I read good testimonies that pour in everyday from people.  I am also glad about the alarming numerical growth of visitors to the site and membership of the ERG.  I think you have come along so well.  Thanks to God for His support and thanks to you for your magnanimity.  Thanks a thousand times a day for your thoughtfulness.  Thanks for being so close to me in particular.  Thanks for your goodness.  Thanks a thousand times a day for your excellent spirit and thanks for holding to your good integrity over the years.  Words are too few to express my thanks.  ALL THAT I AM SAYING IS THANK YOU SIR AND COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON TO YOU AND FAMILY.  Greet them all for me.




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