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An Honest Buyer

By on July 18, 2008

Two weeks ago i received an oversea called from a guy who wanted to get my Testing Electronic Components Ebook. He told me that he had relative in my country and would like to bank in the money into my bank account. I told him once i got the payment i will send him the download link. For your information, besides accepting credit card online to buy my ebooks, my other option of payment is through Western Union and Money Gram. I would usually provide my personal details to the buyers and once they have sent the payment to me, i will send them the download link.

However in this case, because of some miscommunication in the bank information that i received, i thought he had sent the payment to me (in fact it was sent by another buyer). As promised, i sent the download link to him before realizing the problem. That means he got my product before i even got the payment! I emailed him about this matter and i could only expect few things that could happen. He can either ignore my email and enjoy my ebook information, or he can send a reply to me. Guess what? Not only did he replied my email, he also asked his relative to credit the full payment to my account. I was relieved and amazed of what he wrote in the email content. He told me to rest assure that he was not a scammer and the payment would be ready in few days time.

After his relative had credited the money to my bank account, he personally called me again that the money already in my account.  I thanked him for his honesty and sincerity. His name is Mr Jewel and he is from Bangladesh! 


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