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Another ERG Member Visited Me Today

By on November 6, 2008

Three days ago i was visited by a ERG member from Sarawak and this morning another ERG member from USA came to visit me at my office. He came with his sister and with another relative. He brought along an automobile electronic board for me to check. He had left the board for couple of days at my place so that i will have time to troubleshoot it. We chatted for a while and i really didn’t expect that he will pay me a visit and i was very glad about it. He told me that he wanted to learn electronic repair and i directed him to get my Testing electronic components ebook first as this ebook is for beginner. Here is the photo of the automobile electronic board.

nissan 2000

I will most probably will let him know about the status of the repair next week before he go back to USA.


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