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Another ERG Member Visited Me Today!

By on March 27, 2008

His name is Mr Abdullah Hamzah from a private company from Subang came to my office about 2.30pm today. He was accompanied by his manager and another colleague. The company that he is working on is dealing with Project-based learning systems for science and technology, Simulation software products for teaching and learning physics, chemistry, mathematics, control technology, electrical and electronic engineering, Interactive multimedia instructional training system, 3 dimensional computer aided design software, Educational mechatronics construction kits and Engineering didactic system.

esr meter

He has shown a great interest in electronic repairing and he told me that although he was a degree holder in electronic engineering, he was never expose to troubleshooting of electronics before! The course were mainly on theory and he’s excited about electronic repair. He bought a Blue ESR Meter kitset from me after i have demonstrated to him (and his colleagues) that testing an electrolytic capacitor with analog and a digital capacitance meter can mislead a technician into believing a bad cap is actually good! He was convinced by the test and he could see the power of using ESR meter to test electrolytic capacitor. I also showed him how to use the ESR meter to test on low ohms resistors which normal analog/digital multimeter do not have the function to test it. Well, hope to see more ERG members coming to my place to talks about electronic repair and not necessary have to buy things from me.


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