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Another SCR Tester Built

By on June 20, 2010

scr tester

Eric Smith from Jamaica had just completed the SCR/Triac Tester. This is what he wrote “Hi Jestine, best wishes to you and your family. The june issue of your newsletter really facinated me. I have tried putting the suggested tester together and found so much satisfaction in doing so as a hobbyist. It works fine but i still need another hook clip to complete. The only drawback that i find with this one is that the light is low at 9 vdc and you have to look carefully to see the glow. I would suggest you continue to send these little projects out. Thanks a million your work is immeasurable to us.”


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  1. beh

    June 20, 2010 at 8:38 am

    congratulation eric

    i am very happy you finished this job . let me tell you for problem of lite
    bulb i use 12 v 3 watt bulb of korian car it works very good a bright you may try
    this one
    i wished you success


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