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Another Surprise Visit By My Blog Reader

By on April 7, 2009

I was about to finish my second day repair course for two participants, there came a visitor to my office. He is from Iran and i told him to give me few more minutes because the course  will end soon. Just after finished the course i went to him and had some chat and later found out that he is in the PCB designing field. He came here (to my country) as an instructor to teach PCB designing course. He was friendly, gentle, humble just like the guy i met last month at a local hotel which was also from Iran! We have a common interest which is besides have the passion for electronics, we both likes to play remote control helicopters. But his one is using nitro and mine is Lipo Battery.

The reason he came here is to buy the Blue ESR Meter on behalf of his friend from Iran. We exchanged our name card and he left for another appoinment after spending about 40 minutes in my office. Here is the photo of him and his name is Moshen. If you read this post Moshen, just to say I’m glad to know you. By the way since after sending out my April repair newsletter i was flooded with emails and because i have course On for three days, i might be slow in responding your email.

visitor from iran


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