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Another Version Of Monitor Blur Buster

By on May 14, 2008

For those of you who repair the CRT Monitor, i guess you may have familiar of what is a Monitor Blur Buster (MBB). It is a component/device designed to help to solve monitor blur problem in the 14 and 15″ CRT Monitor. I used to modify a lot of this MBB into CRT Monitors that have focus and screen slowly become too bright problem but lately due to the shrinking of CRT monitor in the market, I’m getting lesser Monitor that need this MBB. Inside the MBB is actually a very high ohm resistance track (typical value of 250 to 500 megaohm) and our normal multimeter can’t test such a high ohm resistance value. Another name for the MBB is flyback divider or some tech’s just called it as voltage divider.

monitor blur buster

Whenever the flyback transformer get hot after a prolong period of time, the resistance become unstable and eventually changed the resistance value. Once the resistance value changed, the overall output of the divider which is the focus and the G2 (SCREEN VOLTAGE) also varies thus affecting the display of the Monitor.

I’ve seen some techs modified two MBB into a 17″ CRT Monitor (17″Monitor flyback have two focus adjustment) but some of the Monitor still experienced blur at the corner due to the fact that the MBB internally do not have the dynamic focus capacitor. The way the 17″ and above Monitor flyback transformer were construct was different from the 14 and 15″ flyback transformer. The 17″ and above Monitor flyback have additional capacitors and resistors in it thus it is not easy to solve the blur problem for that size! Here is the other version of Monitor Blur Buster

monitor blur buster


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