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AP4411 IC In HP Pavillion f1703 LCD Monitor

By on August 28, 2007

 ap4411 ic

What type of ic is this AP4411 used in the inverter section of HP f1703 LCD Monitor? At current moment it is hard to find such datasheet or specification for this 4411 IC. It is actually a P-channel enhancement mode mosfet which built into the SOC 8 package ic where pin 4 is the gate, pin 1-3 are source and pin 5-8 are drain. You can test it with a meter if you want but because of the IC in small size, i have to use the peak electronic atlas analyzer to measure it.

This AP4411 IC is part of the buck royer inverter circuit in the HP f1703 LCD Monitor. If this IC has become defective, it will cause power to blink or even dim display.

peak atlas analyzer


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  1. Reese Miller

    January 30, 2009 at 3:05 am

    This MOSFET chip can be replaced with an SI4431DY from Fairchild or Vishay which both have datasheets available.

    Thanks Justine for your wonderful books!


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