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At Last My Brand New E-book Is Ready

By on October 6, 2007

testing electronic components 

It took me a month to finally complete the task of creating an E-book to sell it to  the  electronic repair market. The first book on “How to find a burnt resistor”  took me almost 6 months to complete. This is partly due to i have to engage a junior webmaster to do the job but that was almost 4 years ago. During these past years i had learned a lot about website creation and internet marketing but somehow for the past few weeks i stayed until very late to learn about graphic designs. It’s very tough and challenging at first (i’m not a web designer, i’m just a electronic repairer )but as time goes by i finally  managed to build the new website “Testing Electronic Components” all on my own without using others services. This save my time and i could just design anything that i want.

I will start on my next E-book by next week and will let you know in the coming monthly november repair newsletter.   


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