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B & K Autoranging Capacitance Meter

By on June 25, 2008

Digital capacitance meter is use to test the capacitance value of any kind of capacitors. This is different from ESR meter where it can only be use to test electrolytic capacitor and up to certain value in the non polar caps.  What if you want to test the value of the internal capacitor in the flyback transformer or even the safety capacitor in the high voltage circuit in CRT Monitor or TV? You got to use digital capacitance meter to test it out and ESR meter can’t do the job.

digital capacitance meter

I stumbled one digital capacitance meter made by B& K PRECISION and here is the spec of the B&K 830B autoranging capacitance meter ” This highly accurate meter has a 3-1/2 digit LCD display and 10 automatically selected ranges from 199.9pF to 19.99µF to measure capacitance with a maximum resolution of 0.1pF and 0.2% accuracy. It is fully autoranging with a range hold feature that provides for fast batch testing of large value capacitors. Other features include an overrange indicator, direct plug-in test socket, and a “zero adjust” knob which can compensate up to 25pF of test lead capacitance. Operates on four “C” batteries (not included). Comes with test leads. Size: 4.4″H x 6.4″W x 2.4″D.Weight: 1.6 Ibs.”

You may visit the website at for more information


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