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Basic Monitor Repair Course

By on July 16, 2008

Just completed the last badge of the courses for the staff of Malaysia Airport Technology (MAT). It was the basic monitor repairing course and attended by five of their staff. They have completed the basic electronic course last year and next year they will take the advance monitor repair course. In some country CRT Monitors were already considered obsolete and only repair the LCD Monitor so why I’m still conducting the CRT Monitor repair? Very simple, first my country the CRT Monitors is still not obsolete yet and in fact my company is still getting lots of CRT Monitor for repair. Second, I’m using CRT Monitor as a guide for students/participants to learn about voltage/signal tracing, understanding many different types of circuits like power supply, horizontal, vertical, colour, high voltage, flyback transformer, boost/buck circuit, cpu, eeprom and etc. Besides, many test equipment involved in making all the necessary test and participants were exposed to such a great information. This course would not be obsolete due to that the CRT Monitors is one of the best learning ground for students to easily understand electronic circuits and also troubleshooting and repairing.

Once they grasp hold of these circuits and the right way to test and check them then there will be no problem for them no matter what kind of electronic equipment that they may face in the coming future. Lets put it this way, if you know how to troubleshoot and repair a CRT Monitor SMPS, wouldn’t it be the same to troubleshoot and repair the TV SMPS or even a DVD SMPS? Lets assume that it have some differences but i believe after 10 to 20 units of DVD or TV SMPS problem come across your repair bench, you would be an expert in finding the faults in both the equipment SMPS.

By the way this coming Friday i will be going for another round of fishing trip to Merchung again. Its a good time for me to relax and after the next week i will have another class again for an individual who will be send by a company who deals with circuit board. Here are the photos and a video taken during the three days basic monitor repair course.

monitor repair

monitor repair course

monitor repair

monitor repairing


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