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Becareful When Ordering Spare Parts Online

By on June 25, 2009

This morning a repair friend of mine came to my office and bought a unit of Blue ESR meter. He already owned a Capanalyzer 88A and the reason he bought it was for his technical staff to use especially to check on the non polar cap (value of .1 uf and above). At current moment he have four technical staff working in the company. For your information his company is the Authorised Service Center for a famous computer brand in the market. We chatted on many subject but mostly related to electronic repair. One of the interesting subject that he shared to me was he had been cheated by a company from oversea.

He told me that he found the website selling the parts that he need so he place an order of 10 units of board. He sent the money and eventually got the parts (board). He placed another order of 20 units after learning that the board were quite good and the company can be trusted. He sent the money again and he got the parts. Now at this third order the company asked him to order more because they told him they were no longer dealing with small quantity. The company wants him to order at least 50 pieces of electronic board.

Thinking that the company was genuine and since he already got the parts from the first and second order and the quality of the board were acceptable he did not worry about this third transaction. So he sent the money ( that was this year January) and till now haven’t heard any news from that company again. He told me that the company claimed to have brances in few different countries and very convincing. I wanted to ask more but he had an appointment and got to rush back. I will get more info from him once i see him again. He told me that the third time that he sent the money was about USD2,000.00!

I hope from this post you will learn how those people scam/cheat/con your money without delivering any thing to you. They first give you the first taste of sweet and once you are hooked you may lost your money to them-so beware of their modus operandi. This kind of scammer can be in any country and just becareful when dealing with big order. If you want a big order, if possible fly to that country, buy the stock, pack the things and send it back home using your favorite courier service. If you have come across such experience before i would like to hear from you so that others would not fall into the same trap-thanks.


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