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Best Tester To Test All Electronic Components?

By on September 10, 2008

I got a question from my ERG member asked about is there any best tester that can test all electronic components?

My answer to him was:

No there is no best tester that can test all electronic components. All test equipment have their own strength in testing only certain things. For example: The best digital multimeter/analog multimeter even from the famous brand do not have the  capability to test ESR and coils. You got to get a stand alone meter for this purposes like the Blue ESR meter for testing ESR and blue Ring Tester for testing coils. For LCR meter, it could only test inductance, capacitance and resistance and nothing more than that. A sencore LCD 103 Rezolver could only test capacitors and coils and you can’t use it to measure voltage, current or even resistance!  Due to this , i have many different types of meters at my repair bench to test different type of components. The old ways are gone where one believe that an analog meter could test all electronic components. A bad electronic component (like the capacitor and coils) can be tested good with analog meter and this will make him can’t solve the electronic problem-time will be wasted and no profit can be made from the repair work.


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