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By on September 30, 2008


My friend had a bad experience about a repair shop that practice cheat tactics to con customers. His washing machine had a problem thus called up a repair shop after saw the repair company advertisement from a local flyer’s. The advertisement stated they have many branches and with a head quarter address in it-they claimed to give 3 years warranty after every repair and it was very convincing. The technician came and took the washing machine back for repair and after couple of days the machine was brought back to my friend’s house and said that “Do not “On” the washing machine now, got to wait for 2 hours for the internal capacitor to discharge first”. My friend followed his advice and paid the repair bill-about RM600 (usd176.00) but after the two hours had passed my friend turned “On” the washing machine and there is no response from the machine and he called the company again and this time they came and took back the machine and said there was still problem with it.

My friend asked for their hand phone number and they don’t give him and due to this my friend suspect that this company was not honest in doing the repair work thus calling the company to ask for refund and return the machine for him. To his surprised, not only he did not get the refund and the person also challenged my friend to lodge a police report.

My friend asked me for help to search for the address (head quarter) of the company listed in the flyer. We went and the address does not “EXIST”!!!!! My friend called up the advertisement company and they were not helpful in giving out their clients contact. So my friend went to lodge a complaint with the Tribunal for consumer claims office and was told to make report with the police that handle industrial crime. A report had been made and now my friend is waiting for the outcome investigation from the police. Hope the police could catch the culprit soon.

Shocking news-My friend did an internet search and this company in fact had conned quite a number of people with the same method (got to wait for two hours for capacitor to discharge before switch “On” the washing machine) but the website did not provide further report whether the case had been solved or not.

If we are operating any kind repair shop please make sure that we don’t follow the footsteps of others to cheat people’s money. Be honest and prepare to work hard and God will surely honor them with His multiple blessing and the expansion of your repair business in term of sales, repairs, opportunity and etc!


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  1. Amir Mukhtar

    September 7, 2011 at 12:24 am


    I am shocked after read above issue. I believe that these types of fraud and fake repairers are creating mis-understandings for reliable and faithful repair personnels and also, destruct the business immunity of home service repairers and real workshops.

    Here is the solutions: I think some work will be followed by real repair companies owners like if they knew any fake type culprit repairer than they intimate them and make complaint lodge to authorize body or police in order to not only justice but it also to save innocent peoples and real repair workshops who provides full services at any cost with satisfaction.

    yours Student
    Amir Mukhtar


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