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Bondmaster-LCD Surface Mount Equipment Repair

By on July 4, 2007

ape bondmaster

Automated Production Equipment (A.P.E.) founded in 1968 introduced rework and repair equipment to a growing worldwide electronics community. Now, more than 30 years later, the industry has changed beyond recognition. Denser packaging, RF shields, flex circuits, CSP’s / uBGA’s plastic odd forms, area array packages, pin grid arrays, ceramic chips, and the constant demand for greater throughput, have pushed rework equipment to new standards. APE has met and surpassed these standards for the past 15 years with their patented thermal convection rework systems. Their unique technology uses high power and low temperature to reproduce precisely the original manufacturing process.

A.P.E. continues to lead the way in designing innovative rework and repair systems to meet industry demands. They are  first, for example, to recognize the necessity of cost-effective Low-Temperature, Hot-Air solutions for BGA/CSP/SMT Packages.

If you’re interested in repairing printed circuit boards, this site provides in-depth technical documentation and procedures for APE’s rework and repair products. It details their Split Vision, Micro BGA, CSP (Chip Scale Package) and plastic and ceramic BGA applications, together with SMT, (Surface Mount Technology) and traditional thru-hole desolder technology. Here are some of the specs

• All systems are capable of reworking BGA’s
• All equipment has national stock numbers (NSN)
• PC interface available on most systems
• All systems perform rework at original manufacturing temperatures
• We custom design systems for specialized rework applications

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