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Bought Smart Tweezers

By on August 2, 2007

smart tweezers 

Few months back i wrote about the SMD components checker called Smart Tweezer in my previous blog and mentioned that one day i would buy it. Just got this tester and haven’t fully test all of the functions yet. The smart tweezers was made in Canada and the reason i bought it is to try on troubleshooting the LCD Monitor board. Next week i will be conducting my first LCD Monitor repair course and i’m sure the participants will be glad to see this type of new test equipment. Today, while comparing few electrolytic capacitors with this smart tweezers i found that the selected test frequency of 1khz have the capability to work like an ESR meter. It can distinguish between a good cap and a bad cap and these two capacitors were tested good using a digital capacitance meter. The weakness of this tester was that it can’t accurately check the e-caps on board. You have to solder out and test it off board.

smart tweezer

As for testing smd resistor, diodes, inductor on board, it worked marvelous but not for the small smd type of capacitor. Some you can get accurate result while some you have to desolder out the smd capacitor. If you have two similar electronic boards that uses smd components, i think it will work great in comparing the results. I haven’t try using other features such as the trace, voltage testing, continuity and etc but will fully test it in this coming weekend.

Two days ago, i told you that i went to electronic distributor shop to buy some tools and test equipment, here is the picture of the ANTEX solder gun with the smallest tip for easy soldering especially on the smd components and spider IC’s. The LCD Monitor repair participant workbook will be ready soon and as for the weekly repair newsletter, i will send to you on next weekend. Have a good day to all of you!

antex solder gun


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