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Bought Some New Books From MPH Bookstore

By on November 9, 2008


Just came back from the Bandar Utama Shopping Complex. Me and my family had a dinner there and then went to MPH bookstores to search if there is any new electronic repair books or not. As usual “NO” as nowadays bookstore rarely sell electronic troubleshooting and repairing books. They are more on the Computer books. Even though it has electronic repairing books but the update was very slow and sometimes even waited for half a year and still no new books!

I then browse through other sections and found two new book: “Secrets Of Millionaire Students”and “The New Millionaires”. I have seen some of the contents in it and found it to be very useful. Next i saw there are a promotion of books by the famous Author “Robert T Kiyosaki”. Get 3 and pay the price of 2. Although i have already read the “Rich Dad Poor Dad”book, i haven’t read the “Retire Young Retire Rich” and “Guide To Investing” book. Since my friend already borrowed the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book and haven’t return the book to me yet, i though to myself¬† why not get this book again and my friend can keep that book-besides the price was quite cheap too.

For your information, besides reading electronic books i like to read the motivational books as well. It could give you ideas on how to manage your finance, how to think big and etc. Again, by reading and if you never put this application to life these books will be just like another nice story books! Same as electronic books, if you did not put it into practice, your repairing skill will be just the same and may be no improvement at all.

By the way, the answer for the previous post about ” What type of Capacitor” i will post it by tomorrow.


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