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Capacitor Replacement

By on April 7, 2008

I came across lots of LCD Monitor problems with bulged electrolytic capacitors. The rating of the capacitor temperature usually were 105 celcius. The problem with these capacitor is that they are not from a good quality grade thus it easily become bulge whenever the environment is very hot especially due to the metal casing covering the whole LCD Monitor power supply/inverter board.


It is not easy to get the 105 celcius electrolytic capacitor from local electronic suppliers thus the only option i have is to replace with a good grade (branded) 85 celcius e-cap. I had changed many of the e-cap in the LCD Monitor and so far not even one unit came back for warranty repair.

Comment from Amin

hi thks for the two interviews n that encourages to go forward n gives us new blood
in past years there many Contec tv having problem with start n vertical the faulty were the caps in the smps n in the vertical section ,ur problem with the bad quality make me remember the old days .when i was changing the caps i also changed the place i.e adding
a long wire n placing the caps away from heat, thus there were no start n vertical problems again.


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