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Careless Work In Electronic Repair

By on August 29, 2008

Sometimes no matter how good you are in the field of electronic repairing we may come across problem of careless mistake. The careless mistake that we or our staff made were accidentally scratch the Monitor screen during repair, causing power section to blow and can’t recognize the blown parts, missing swivel base power cord or signal cables, equipment dropped and many others. You can’t solve this dynamic problem but you can minimize it by checking every Monitor before giving back to the customer, make sure all the repair staff use the sponge when the Monitor screen is facing downward on the repair bench.

In other words, you need to brief your staff about all the possibilities that could happen and prevention is still the best to avoid problem. Assuming if you or your staff have made a mistake, honestly tell your customers and explain that you are willing to pay for the compensation. Some customers may say “Never mind” if that is a small problem but some will accept the compensation after all it is us that have broken their equipment. Taking full responsibility of our mistakes is the best way to solve the problem.

Don’t argue with customers and accusing them that thay are the one that broke it or etc-just admit your careless mistake. Arguments and blaming customers is not a professional way of solving things. Word of mouth could spread like fire if the customer is not satisfy with the solution. It could tarnish your good company name and at the end it could affect your overall business too. Hope you will learn from this lesson and be extra careful when handling customers electronic equipment.


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