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Checking Capacitor With Ohm Meter

By on September 7, 2007

Checking capacitor with ohm meter can be done by using an analog meter. I knew that ESR meter is the best meter to check capacitor (electrolytic) but somehow you also need to use an analog meter to test it. Depends on how big is the microfarad of the capacitor you want to test. Start from X1 ohm and see there is any kick by the pointer (needle) of the meter. If no response then you move up to a higher (more sensitive) scale like the X 1 K ohm. Try moving up the selector until you reach a range where you can see the pointer kick up and then slowly die off. Now reverse the probes and you will see the same thing happen (pointer kick up and slowly settle down).

Be in mind that checking capacitor with ohm meter doesn’t guarantee if the capacitor is okay or not because if a capacitor have loose its capacitance the pointer would still charge and discharge. The best is still you use the digital capacitance meter or even the ESR meter to test if you want to accurately test electrolytic capacitor.


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