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By on May 29, 2008

Recently one of my office air condition have problem so i called up the aircond servicing company for help. The complain was not cool and only blowing the normal air. The first thing the technician do was to use the Clamp meter set to Ac range and clamp it across the main cable. I could see the ampere drawing from the aircond compressor was getting higher and higher. According to him, a good air cond should draw about 5amp but this faulty aircond was drawing about 11 to 12 ampere.

ac clampmeter

The result from the test was the outdoor compressor having problem. It could either be the compressor, fan motor or even the capacitor have problem according to the technician. He gave me few suggestions to see which decision i have to make. The story on this was not about faulty aircond, it was about the clamp meter being use to find out the fault fast. Without the meter, the technician may suspect the fault at the indoor unit. But because they have the meter, he can instantly tell me that it was the outdoor unit that have problem.

I’m wondering how i could use this meter to find out the fault in electronic equipment. Perhaps one should do a research and development of coming out a way that can easily help us to find out a fault fast using this clamp meter. He told me the clamp meter price was about RM200 (about 60 USD).


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