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Cleaning Up The Office

By on January 23, 2009

 office cleaning

Three days from now the Chinese will be celebrating the New Year across the world and today we only work for half a day in the office. In the morning we had clean up the office and the technical area. For your information we fully clean up the office and the technical area every once a year before we go to celebrate the New Year. Of course for normal day we do clean up the office but during this time it is more like “Servicing the entire office“!

By the way our office will be close starting from today and will resume operation on the 3rd of February.  That means i will have 10 days break to celebrate the Chinese New Year. You may still can send email to me but if you call my office during the holidays i’m afraid no one will answer your call. I may blog less because there may be some places that i need to visit during the holidays. I will post some videos and photos when i’m back.


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