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Comment about the June Repair Newsletter

By on June 2, 2008

Last two days i attended a conference and today is the last day. Anyway here is one of the replied I’ve got from my member:

“Hi Jestine,

Thanks for your newsletter, I have came across this problem before because the technician replace the wrong IC number that make me headache but when i compare with the same model china made TV than i realized that the ic number was wrong. I changed the correct one solved the problem it was the altis brand tv microprosessor .


A. D


Other support questions:

When i removed the flyback power [b+]& other sistem activations are ok. evean the flyback is good, when i conect thy flyback power fuse goes.stil i coudent fiend the erro. thanks
Hi M,
It could be the flyback internal cap has shorted or the flyback has developed a shorted winding. You need to check the HOT too for short circuit!


hi, mrt jestine. thank you for the newsletter. i like ask you some question. i have found that the datasheet of certain monitor hv circuit are the same. for example : tda 9115, tda 9113, stv 8118. is it possible to replace this circuits by each other.

Hi Achour,
Yes, you may go ahead but in certain cases it may not not work too. You have to do your own testing and get the answer. As for me i will test it out and who knows it may work and i will keep that as a record for future reference.


Hi jestine

I am interested with the Blue ESR meter,my question is that the same with the Dick Smith ESR meter that can check also the ceramic disk capacitor and the non polarity capacitors on board?

Hi N,

The dick smith esr meter and the blue esr meter in fact was designed by the same designer Bob Parker. Both have the same spec except that according to bob parker the blue esr meter battery life span will last longer. This meter can’t be use to test capacitance value but it can be use to test ceramic and non polarity caps ESR value of 104 (.1uf) and above.


hi jestine…

i managed to put everything on board.. and waLLa…it works!!! but i’m not quite sure on how and when i should use blue esr meter…can u please tell me more…

Hi F.Z,
The first thing you need to do is to compare the good e-cap with the bad e-caps. From there you will surely know how to test and what to expect from the test result.


I’ve a touchmate monitor which burnt D112 diode Her 205 on power supply can you show me your magic i’ don’t have the right one i put her 207 is that ok i went to google search and that show is a bit equivalent because it has many voltage and chack the all caps plus charge them but no success.

Hi A,

Yes you can use her207, her 308, uf5408 as replacement.


I will be very pleased if you can further educate me about hot and cold ground i became scared when came across this topic. Lastly i want to commend you about the generous you have and your passion on electronic field and you do good things that are very difficult to be done men on earth may God bless you and your family.Kind Regards

S. L

Hi S.C,

Thanks and nice to know about your electronic background. Hot ground is the power supply big filter capacitor negative point while the cold ground is the equipment ground or chasis ground. That means if you want to test the voltage in the primary side of the power supply your negative probe have to connect to hot ground and if you want to test voltage at the secondary side your negative probe have to connect to cold ground. Be extra careful when teting the voltage at primary side and after few testing you should have no problem with the groundings again.


Respected sir,

I am gaining a lot of knowledge from your website and from your eBook testing electronic components, well done ….. Keep up the good work .

Thanking you in advance……..



Hello Mr  Yong

Thanks very very  much for  your repair newsletter. I enjoy visiting your website because it contains  lot of knowledge. Lot of  tips I  know them before so  when i  saw  them i understand that you are really  an experienced man!!thanks again for  sharing! When I am  reading  your  mail  I liked this sentence very much  (((Thanks and have a good and a wonderful day my friend!)))) really its  my  honor  to  be  your  friend  and  hope  some  day  I  can invite  you  to  see  my  country  and  my  home !



Yes Jestine my friend I am still sticking to my routine of exercise and eating habits I started at new years and thanks for all your support and guidance I just repaired a tv that kept shorting ho transistor I began checking around that area for hot spots and maybe a shorted diode or something obvious what I found was 2 1mic caps with no reading at all on esr meter and all because I read some of your material on line and bought an inexpensive piece of equipment thanks again.



Hi Mr. Yong

It is a pleasure for me to recieved a letter from you. I am very happy to be talking with people like you. So how are you and your family? I hope that all is well. Well My dreams towards being an expert in electronics repairs seems to lie in your hands I thank God for people like you who are open, You actually surffered to become what you are but you have decided to give it out for free. Oh what a good man.

Let me thank you once again and wish that God should bless you more and more again



Thank you very much sir, for the monthly repair tips. it helps me alot and gain new knowledge from you. everyday i always visit your blog for an update for tips, website, equipment, magazine, books. i hope you will stop sharing your knowledge and tips. your the best. you are generous. may God bless you more and protect you in everything you do.thank you so much again.




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