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Comment from my Member about the article on the Interview with a professional electronic repairer

By on February 5, 2008

user comment on electronic problem

“hi  my friend

i have  seen the interview  with the professional electronics repair technician

i think i know  why he reply SL0W  when you ask  him about the conditions  of  business

the man is more concentrating on  audio  equipments like  camcorders radios dvd and vcd vcr this all    equipments are  very cheap;  now days  i  don’t repair them in my repair place

instead i repair playstation2 –  computers- printers-computer monitors and smps and computer monitors   this equipments are relatively  expensive  i  no longer like repair   VCR  DVD VCD RADIO  EVEN DIGITAL RECIVERS  HAVE GONE DOWN IN PRICE”

King wael,


Well i do hope you will learn from the comment from this member. If you are repairing only one type of equipment, it’s time to look for opportunity to broaden your boundary into repairing other types of equipment to bring in more profit margin to your repair business.


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