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Common Faults in Linear Transformer

By on June 21, 2007

 linear transformer

Primary winding open- This could be a result of a power surge but could also be a short on the output leading to over heating. Since the primary winding  is open, the transformer would not work at all. You may use a resistance test to confirm if the winding is open circuit.

Shorted winding in primary or secondary- This may be the result of over heating or be just due to poor manufacturing. A shorted winding will usually blow the main fuse. To accurately test if the transformer have any shorted winding, you have to use a ringer tester.

Shorted between the primary and secondary side- Though it is quite rare but i’ve seen transformer shorted between the primary and secondary side causing the main fuse to blow.


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  1. aga mulak

    June 24, 2007 at 6:15 pm

    I have many 110v adaptors (linear power supply) which came from the US together with the consumer electronics they power up, unfortunately here in the Philippines we use 220v. I use stepdown transformer but they give off too much heat & consume power even when the appliance is off. Then I tried the trick of getting 110v by using only one of the electrical lines and the grounded GI water pipes, which worked well until the pipes were replaced by plastic PVC. I happen to open one of the adaptors and I saw the transformer primary has an unused tap which turned out to be for 220v use, yessss! But then the rest have only 110v primary. How i wish there's an easy way to convert those transformer into 220v...


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