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Completed the Advanced Monitor Repairing Course

By on August 27, 2008

Last week both of my students attended the Basic Monitor repair course and these three days they have completed the Advanced Monitor repair course. Starting tomorrow onward i will be putting them into my technical department to repair customer Monitors with the guidance from my technical staff. With the actual faults they would be trained on how to use the best way to solve a particular problem. Generally i would let them try on their own first before any help given to them so that they will be independent and this is all i want from them.

What if after the training and they start to repair at their own place and i’m not there by his side to guide him? Meaning one has to know what they are doing, how to diagnose the fault and how to provide a solution after the training. Once they grasp hold of the repairing techniques during the training in the technical department, it would be easy for them in the future even if I’m not around by his side. Both of them will be taking the LCD Monitor repair course in two to three months time to complete all the repair courses offered by Noahtech. Here are the photos and videos taken during the 3 days Advanced Monitor repairing course :

monitor repairing

monitor repairing

monitor repair online

monitor repairing online



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