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Completed The Basic Electronic Repair Course

By on April 4, 2008

I have just completed a three days basic electronic repair course for a student. He was a SPM leaver and is my friend’s son. He will take the Basic Monitor Repair Course soon. The reason his father sent him here is because in this coming June, he will be going for the National Service for three month. So during this three months time ( April, May and June) i will be letting him to work in my technical department to expose him about all the technical things. He is very good in calculation and doing practical work. I could see that if he wanted to expand in this field, i guess there would be no problem for him. He wanted to be an Engineer in repairing aircraft engine but the course only starts on next year January.

In this three months time in my technical department, i believe i could train him to be independent in fixing electronic equipment especially the CRT and the LCD Monitor. With the experience he gained from the electronic repair i believe this will also help him out in his future course.



electronic repairing

electronic repair

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