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Completed The Basic Electronic Repair Course

By on July 30, 2008

Just completed the 3 days basic electronic repair course for a participant who works in a company (Main office in Germany) that sell printing machine to big corporation. He work as a technician and his job is to replace electronic boards in the printing machine and they don’t repair the boards. It’s a one to one swap and since it was very costly to get new board from oversea, the management decided to send out their technical staff for training especially in the troubleshooting and repair electronic boards. In the long run, it would save the overall cost. The company found us through website and decided to send out one technician to try it out first. He is a diploma holder in electrical and electronic engineering and since most of his time spent on electrical work (include of wiring) and board swapping this had caused him to have little experience in electronic repair work.

He brought along his company Fluke 179 Digital meter and few boards. The boards was belong to the printing machine i.e the power and the motor servo controller board. He brought two good boards and two bad boards for troubleshooting purposes. The last two courses was attended by a guy who brought along his SMPS board and i guide him base on the board. Similarly, for this participant, i guide some of the troubleshooting techniques base on his boards. There was some limitation because those boards were belong to big printing machine and i can’t power “On” the boards to test it out not like the SMPS board where you plug in the AC and then expect some outputs.

Due to this i showed him how to use a Huntron tracker to perform comparison test since both the boards are quite the same. I showed him the signature waveform from Huntron tracker and explain to him some common faults that could be found in both boards. He was delighted to know so many things (troubleshooting techniques) within these few days and ready for his task once he is back to work tomorrow. Before he left, i gave him my email address and my contact number so that he could contact me whenever he face any problem in electronic repair. Wishing all the best to him! Here are the photos taken during the three days course.


fluke 179 digital meter

huntron tracker

testing electronic

certificate in electronic


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