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Completed The Basic Electronic Repair Course

By on November 30, 2007

basic electronic course 

I have just completed the basic electronic repair course for two students today.  It was a three days course and both of them did very well. First i thought only one student coming for the course then came another student and he was only 13 years old. This is the youngest student that i’ve ever guide in my teaching career! The older student is working in ExxonMobil Chemical Singapore and staying in Johor Bahru (about 3-4 hours drive from KL) .Since young he already has the passion for electronics but do not have the chance or opportunity to attend such course.

He knew my company through my website and the fire in him drove him from such a far distance to come to attend the course. I just want my readers to know such a good example of people who make things happen and not wait for things to happen. If your passion in you love electronics then go ahead and do things that relate to electronics. Make your decision today and not tomorrow. Do not wait for free information, ebooks and etc (you do not know when it gonna come). Change your mindset and be the people that make things happen!

He purposely took leaves for the course and never look back. He even told me that once he’s back he would immediately buy all the necessary tools and test equipment. I recommend him to go to Sim Lim Tower in Singapore as this tower mainly sells electronics products. I could also see that it would not take long for him to become a professional in electronic repair.

basic electronic

As for the young boy, i admired him too for his never give up attitude and the passion he has shown in electronics. He told me (just like us) that he likes to play around with all the technical things at home. Thus there is no problem for him to learn the subject that he like. Now is school holiday season and his parents could see the potential in him and sent him to be train under me. He is now no problem in handling meters, testing electronic components and perform some task in electronic repair.

By the way, due to my tight schedule, the December monthly newsletter will be delay to reach your mailbox. Not only that the coming E-book that suppose to be release in November have to be postpone to December.  There are few more chapters left and i hope it will be fully complete very soon. Have a brilliant day!

Click here to view the short video of the students Troubleshooting Electronic Board


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