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Completed the Basic Monitor Repairing Course

By on August 15, 2008

Last week i have completed the basic electronic repair course for two students and this week both of them came again to continue for the Basic Monitor Repairing Course. Next two weeks from now they will be taking the Advance Monitor Repairing course. I usually conduct courses from Monday till Wednesday but this time it was from Wednesday till Friday. After that i will be putting them into my technical center to repair customer Monitors as with this way both of them could get more knowledge in the Monitor repair. I just want them to be independent so that in the future whatever brand and problems of CRT Monitor that comes in for repair, they would be able to handle it by themselves. That means they should be able to know how and where to locate the problem, substitution parts used, using the fastest way to solve a Monitor problem and etc.

Once they are fully independent they can actually move on to join any electronic repair field and not necessary must be in the Monitor Repairing line. As mentioned in my previous post was that I’m using CRT Monitor as a guide for them to learn about electronic circuit, identify electronic section, test voltages and waveforms and etc. A CRT Monitor have so many types of circuit, we have the SMPS, Color, Horizontal, Vertical, Flyback Transformer, shutdown, EEprom, CPU, B+ (boost and buck) and etc. Here are the photos taken during the three days course.

monitor repairing course

lcd monitor repairing course

monitor repair course


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