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Completed The LCD Monitor Repair Course

By on December 3, 2008

Just completed the 3 days LCD Monitor Repair course for two participants from Brunei. Both of them are lecturers, one of them in the Audio and Video Technology while the other one in Television Repair. They know about the course from Internet (for your information about 90% of my students knew about the repair course from internet) and they teach at the Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical  College. One of them have 24  years in the teaching line and they were very easy to understand especially when comes to the explanation of how LCD Monitor works.

One of the good part about this country (Brunei) was that the Brunei Embassy provided everything for them. They booked the hotel for them and even have chauffeur to send them to my place and pick them up back to the hotel. It was so convenience to them. They were very happy as they have learn something new during the three days course here. Here are the photos taken during the 3 days LCD Monitor Repair course:

lcd repair

lcd repairs

lcd monitor repair

lcd monitor repairing

By the way few hours from now i will be going for another holiday with my Church members to Kelong Fishing Pulau Sibu Johor. It is sort of like a Church Camp and have about 40 over people are going there. I am bringing my family and this is the first time my kids are joining me. As usual once i’m back i will show you some photos and videos about the Kelong Fishing Trip. I will try to support all emails before i go for the trip (the place does not have internet line connection) and i will be back on Saturday night and most probably could only check my email on Sunday. Below is the photo of how a Kelong look like:


Since there are so many holidays and the repair course in the month of December i could only  send out the December repair newsletter most probably latest by Tuesday next week. That’s all for now and got to take a short nap before starting the journey to Kelong at 3 am in the Morning.


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